About Us

...I nostri valori

Ci siamo costituiti per iniziativa di alcuni appassionati ed esperti di teatro giovanile, clowneria, giocoleria, arti circensi, magia comica ed acrobatica. I nostri valori? Amicizia, collaborazione, responsabilità e solidarietà

About us

DimiDimitri Circus & Theatre School is an integrated arts training company based in Novara, Italy, born in september 2011. Since then, community momentum has been built. The drama group was well received and continues to grow and prosper. Each season our aim is to continue the tradition that our founding members established of bringing quality amateur drama to our loyal local audience.

We have our own premises, affectionately referred to as "Cantiere CreaTTivo Theatre" where all rehearsals are held and which itself boasts a small stage, ideal for club performances.


DimiDimitri Circus & Theatre School run yearly training programmes for young actors aged 5 - 25 years, split into groups according to age. They receive training as actors and peer educators and deliver a series of arts projects and touring productions within their community. These productions are linked to the curriculum for primary, junior and secondary schools although occasionally we deliver cross curricular work both with local and EU partner schools and associations.


Our workshops are led by Beppe Sinatra (Theatre & Clownerie), Marco Miglia (Jonglage), Alessio Ricci (Acrobat) and a variety of assistants from our training. We also run workshops for disabled actors of all ages, for pupils and students with learning disabilities, for early school-leavers and for adults.


Everyone of all abilities is welcome. We do hold auditions for some productions, but everyone will have a part in the show if they want one. We undertake a variety of productions and explore all sorts of theatrical forms blending acting, music, pantomime, juggling, dancing and the arts. The activities are delivered in a fun informal style allowing the actors to grow in confidence each week, improving on speech, body language, social and communicative skills.


Workshops for schools

We offer a wide range of drama workshops and after school drama clubs for schools. These fun workshops are designed for both younger and older children and for teenagers, with little or no experience of performing arts.


These typically run for an hour a week and focus on confidence building, intercultural education and integration, performance skills, devising, cooperative and team work, behaviour management. The clubs are run yearly and culminate in a sharing performance.



Our work focuses on social justice and inclusion issues exploring challenging subjects to increase understanding, tolerance and respect. The community workshops are open to people excluded or at risk of exclusion, prisoners, mentally and phisically disabled, substance abusers, antisocial youngsters.


Drama Courses

The courses aim to give more confidence as an actor practicing voice and movement, presentation, and all sorts of skills for the stage. They provide an opportunity to work on scenes and to explore drama in its many varied forms, from tragedy to farce, pantomime, cabaret, magic shows, dancing, clownerie.


The text is a jumping-off point incorporating other activities such as voice work and physical work. In our acting classes, we work both on improvisation and from text.


Throughout the course individuals thrive within a light-hearted, supportive and enabling group, and develop greater personal awareness, confidence and expression.


We keep group sizes small in order to give a lot of individual feedback and to encourage an intimate, friendly, and fun atmosphere. No audition is required for these courses, and there is no upper age limit.


Juggling and acrobatics workshops

We are dedicated to improving the mental and physical health of people of all ages by engaging them in the joyous creativity of acrobatics and circus arts.


In our programs we introduce a wide variety of circus activities. Our classes provide a non-competitive, fun social atmosphere where people have the opportunity to learn to achieve results without pressure or stress.  It is a great way to open the mind to the creative art of movement.


Benefits of Circus Learning Include:

- raised self-esteem

- increased self confidence

- improved teamworking

- enhanced communication skills

- better group dynamic

- encouraging creativity

- development of life skills

- positive experience of the arts

- good community relations

- greater levels of co-ordination and improved physical literacy

- more positive approach to physical activity and challenges


Participants get the opportunity to learn a variety of circus skills and techniques.